Sustainability of the Air Cargo Industry

The recommendations from the GACAG Sustainability of the Air Cargo Industry Task Force will mainly focus on the following areas:

  • Environmental issues, including ATM modernization, noise and carbon emissions/sustainable biofuels;
  • The significance of the air cargo industry to global commerce;
  • The future of the air cargo industry; and
  • Ad hoc air cargo sustainability issues.

Chris Welsh, Secretary General, GSF

Celine Hourcade, Manager, Cargo Industry Management, IATA
Thomas Hoang, Regional Director, The Boeing Company, TIACA
Glyn Hughes, Director, Cargo Industry Management, IATA
Sarosh Nagarvala, Managing Director, Skylark Travels Private Limited, FIATA
Rachael Dillon, Climate Change Policy Manager, British Shippers' Council, GSF
Sue Presti, Senior Director of Government Affairs, TIACA

GACAG's View of Sustainability

GACAG recognizes that there are many different interpretations of air cargo "sustainability." When we use the term, we do so broadly, to encompass not only environmental issues but also those related to the vital role the industry plays in supporting the global trading system, its significance as an important international industry and its future. GACAG's sustainability agenda therefore addresses a wide range of issues, including: 

  • the importance of air cargo to global trade; 
  • the industry's role as a facilitator of trade and an enabler of businesses of all sizes to compete in the international marketplace;
  • the disproportionate impact of airport night curfews on the air cargo sector;
  • the need for modernized, globally compatible air traffic control systems;
  • the industry's on-going efforts to reduce its carbon footprint; and
  • promoting sustainable alternative fuels.

We will expand on these and other issues as we develop our sustainability work, and will post updated information on this section of the GACAG website as it becomes available.  


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